Bust Lust

by Visual Sound

Damn, it's 5 o'clock on a Friday, and the 33 aint packed?
I mean it's peeps on there, but I can actually get to the back,
Without bumping someone and having to say "My bad black."
So I slide my transpass through, and walk to the back for a seat.
To unwind, I turn my headphones to Musiq Soulchild, cause this working man
is beat.
It didn't take a long while, before I looked across the aisle,
And noticed this professional pretty brownskin sistah with a breath taking
I tried to look away but she had me in a trance,
On Public transportation, with my transpass in my hand.
She blinks her eyes twice as if to say hi,
But I don't reply,
I'm too busy starring at her thighs.
Through her business woman's suit that is!
On the bus, I don't wanna get a rise. . . .
So I look back into her face, and become mesmerized in her eyes.
I wanna walk over to her, but that coward in me tells me I should not.
I don't wanna get shot----down.
But babygirl is hot,
Hot like the CD from Jill Scott. . . .   I'm feeling her!
But being the prideful man that I am,
I don't wanna lose my cool, or play the fool.
So I just continue to stay in my place,
Starring at that angelic face.
A warm feeling runs all over my body, spreading like a cancer.
And I'm thinking,
I'd take this sophisticated woman over ANY Jay-Z dancer.
I take a deep breath,
Exhale all the stress.
I try to build my confidence, telling my self I have nothing to lose.
There's a beautiful woman in front of me, waiting for me to make a move.
So I decide I'm not gonna snooze . . . anymore.
That's when she reaches over to ring the bell, and walks over to the door.
Body like Cleopatra or Venus, I'm in awe.
My jaw
Hits the floor as she walks out the door.
I look out the window one more time, thinking damn she's fine.
As she walks off, I feel soft from the loss of something I never even had.
I'm mad,
Cause the coward within got the best of me.
Frustrated cause I let her pass,
It's stressing me.
The bus takes off, and she looks back at me and winks twice to say bye.
I'm bout cry,
Pissed at myself, my temper is about break over,
And that's when my internal instincts take over.
I make my way over to the bus door bell.
I press it about 15 times and begin to yell,
(All the coward in me drops)
"Yo Bus Driver, Let Me Off On The Next Stop!!"

Bust Lust by Visual Sound

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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