Attention 49ers

by Visual Sound

The following message is on behalf of all the young brothas
 out there that are tired of the outrageous, and lofty
expectations put on us by by immature, heartless, and cold females.

See I dont say women because real women are above & beyond this.
It's the real women who DON'T have to say a single word
when they attempt to diss.
This message isnt intended for all my young queens,
But it is passionately written for all those money fiends.
See, today it seems that love is more mathematical,
Instead of trying to find someone with whom you are compatible.
Nowadays, not only do u want a man with a Benz,
But it has to be on dubz!
When in fact you are still buying bus tokens,
And riding on the Sub.
Getting dissed or igged because of lack of funds,
Leads to frustration.
Knowing that we spent our Benz money,
On a high priced education.
But its aiight mah,
Its ok!
I know my sistas just want the best for themselves,
So I try not to knock it.
I just dont think a mans worth should be measured,
By how much change is in his pockets.
And I realize that you've been hurt before,
But don't get me confused with him.
And I understand that a lot of brothas truly aint shhh,
But don't get me confused with them.
So you need to realize and understand,
The things you'll be eventually teaching your daughter.
Or will you be proud that your child is a gold digger too,
Saying "Look at what mommy taught her."
I hate to preach but this is something
that has been on my mind for a while.

But after all what do I know,
I'm a light skinned brotha,
and you tell me we ain't in style.

Attention 49ers by Visual Sound

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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