What About Us?

by Visual Sound

We focus on the children of Bosnia and I guess thats cool,
But what about us?
As we focus on the children around the world,
We forget about the foot soldiers in this great nation.
The children born in the war zone that is America go MIA on CNN.
Born as POW's, we have no choice but to join the war.
A war where it is ten times easier to be bad, to go wrong.
So as we cry at the unfortunate incidents in Europe,
What about us?

We donate money and food to needy children around the globe,
and yeah that's great!
But what about us?
The platoons of children in Watts, The Bronx, South Chicago
and North Philly,
Have been low on rations for decades.
Fighting a war with no food,
Watching the streets red glare,
With bombs bursting in air.
What about us?

Bullets whiz by the heads of elders and babies,
45's, Tec 9's, and other semi-automatics pops are constantly heard.
Where is the US Army to protect us?
Lost in the "crack."
Chemical warfare is taking place on the field of battle.
While NATO focuses on the chemical agents in the Middle East.
What about us?

What is our fascination with other nations?
What about the fallen soldiers, the young martyrs that have fallen here.
Here, in the war zone, the streets are flooded with blood, sweat and tears.
Us, treated like the returning Vietnam Vets.
The war blamed on us,
Our deaths blamed on us.

So as we lose focus on the war in America,
Remember that wars spread.
They spread like viruses if they are not treated,
And as we turn our backs on the antidote of this virus,
Be prepared to suit up, cause its coming your way!

What About Us? by Visual Sound

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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