A Lifetime Ago

by Virgin Writer

A lifetime ago 
We would ride 
Not really listening to the radio 
Just conversating 
Orally invigorating 
Each others mind 
You had me open 
To things no one 
Else could show me 
Not always sexual 
But intellectual- 
ly speaking to my heart 
Like a blind man 
Walking thru the dark 
We never really had 
To go anywhere 
Or do anything 
Just being around you 
Would make my heart sing 
Your smile 
Would drive me wild 
When we made love 
We really made love 
It was like you were sent 
From heaven above 
A lifetime ago 
We were inseparable... 
...Youíd come home 
things would go wrong 
you feee like you need 
to raise your hand 
to make me understand 
well I donít 
I canít 
And I wonít 
Youíre not the same man 
I fell in love with 
Maybe Iím not the same 
Woman that kept you 
Out of a lot of shit 
Maybe we were never 
Meant to be 
And your excessive 
Drinking is a sign to me 
Maybe my lack of conversation 
And thereof 
Makes you wonder 
ďWhere is the love?Ē 
What do we do now? 
Go on ignoring one another 
Like there was no love for 
Each other? 
I canít do that 
Even though we will never 
Get back 
What we had 
A lifetime ago 
I loved you more than 
My actions will ever show.

A Lifetime Ago by Virgin Writer

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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