50 Shades of Freddie Gray

by Vicente The Poet

We cry, because
We're all 50 Shades of Freddie Gray
50 Shades of Mike Brown
50 Shades of too black to be considered human

Only target
Only slave
Only beasts to take their power out on

And so we protest for these facts
For the lives too black to be alive
Too black for justice

So we march
And chant
And sing for their death
Not condoning violence
But simply making our voices heard

Our stance strong
And hearts heavy 
Because we all know
That these deaths could be US
Or our mothers, our fathers, 
Our brothers, or our sisters
We all vicariously
Live in each one of those coffins

So for that we protest
We stop traffic
We sing songs
We pray in circles
We debate the masses to spark change

To start conversations
And get the people talking
And get people to feel our fear

To be a black man
A black woman
A black child
Wondering if their lives are next
Or if their homes are safe

From the 5-0
To the gang violence
These streets never feel safe
For our 50 Shades of Freddie Gray

So we protest for these facts
Get loud
And march to be heard for these lives
And those to come
To be prayerfully born in a world of change 
A comely peace

But to see these things happen
We must come together as a people
All of our 50 Shades of Beautiful
All of our mixes and hues 
And speak on these pressing issues
Then support our communities

Because these protests
These chants
And all this attention means nothing if we do not do anything

So this is only the beginning 
We must get involved next
Start praying more
Start uplifting initiatives in our cities next 
And then 
And only then is how we take back our communities...

50 Shades of Freddie Gray by Vicente The Poet

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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