by Poetic

Run Petey, run!
Here come Cadillac
and Lou...
dey been searchin' town 
upside down an' I hear dey
they afta you.

You betta git yo' stuff together,
You betta pack and pack
it quick!
You done sold a bad concoction
that done made they sista

I hear dey spittin' balls a fire!
I hear dey fire, breathin'
I heard dey wanna hurt you
and dey wanna git you

RUN, run Petey!
Here come Cadillac and
one-eyed Lou!
Dey been tearin' dis town
upside down just to git 
at you.

Betta git your stuff togetha!
you betta run until you
You done played life like the harlot,
now the grave gone be yo'

RUN by Poetic

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