Yes, Sexy

by Bleu

My eyes, elegant and enchanting.
My smile, supple and sensual.
My skin, soft and smooth. 
My breasts, bountiful and beautiful. 
My hips, curvaceous.
My hair, awaiting your fingers.
My back, longing for the touch of your hands.
My neck, yearning for your perfect kisses. My womanhood, insatiable and unduplicated.
Oh, did I mention tasty?
My legs, shapely and sexy.
Oh, did I mention you make my toes curl? 
Come here. Yes, right here. Touch me here, there. Yes, explore what's yours. 
Whisper into my left ear...tell me all the sexy things you want me to hear.
Share with me your desires and all the things that set your soul on fire. 
The rays from your sunshine is truly felt. The heat you give makes my ice cream melt.
Delicate is the love we make...inhaling ecstasy with every breath I take. 
Your fingers running up and down my thigh...oh my!
As they say, the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Oh my! Do you really want me to turn it loose? 
Down my vine it trickles onto your manhood. 
Giving off a feeling that I can't explain.
As you pull mu hair, my love comes down like a downpour of rain.
The deeper you go, the faster my juices flow. Exotic are my moans. Erotic are my groans. 
Tantalizing is your touch that sends flames of fire through my ice cold bones.
Melted, liquified and absorbed in the air, 
You have definitely taken me there.
Where you say? 
To the land of pleasure and the land of ecstasy.
It goes deeper than sex...
deeper than the bump and grind. 
You haven't only made love to me,
but you have made passionate love to my mind.

It was all a dream.

Yes, Sexy by Bleu

© Copyright 2019. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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