by VaShon J. Brown

Single minded, double standard, triple threat_War!
What is it good for?
What is the purpose?
Is it to awaken an unconscious
State of defense to the surface?
Pain and affliction,
Politics and religion_
War is used to get the world's attention;
War of the mind
Can be the worst of its kind,
Leaving many people emotionally blind;
Bringing tears for the lives that
Have been lost_
What are the benefits of war and
What is the ultimate cost?
Teary eyes that have witnessed torture
And forcefully gained grief,
Fighting for the equality
Of those who share the same beliefs;
Indecipherable, unacceptable,
Unnecessary madness,
Diminishing the world's population
Best described as complete sadness;
Blasting on the innocent
Because your cause was worth dying for,
Once you have accomplished your mission
Your life will be over
and you won't be among the living no more;
You won't be around to revel in the victory
And rejoice,
Because fighting a lost battle
Was your choice...
The Higher Power creates life
And who are we to take it?
We were made in His image and His mold_
He's not ready to break it;
Stop the violence, make peace,
and walk through life's open door,
Make the world a better place to live in
Without conforming to a never-ending war.

War by VaShon J. Brown

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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