by VaShon J. Brown

A nation of sistahood
Is what we need,
We must know where we have been
Before we can proceed...
Going forth and taking our daughters
By the hand,
Showing them the legacies of Black Women
Who have taken a stand_
Against those who have tried to keep us
From going forth to get to where we need to be,
And teaching them all about our
Essence, finesse, purpose, and beauty;
Educating them about our world's
Injustice and ignorance,
At the same time
Building up their strength and tolerance;
Strength comes from knowing your own self-worth
And tolerance is built from experiences
You face on Earth;

Legacies of Black Women are not limited
Only to the famous names,
They stem from our foremothers
To the likes of Etta James;
Utilizing talents and paving many ways,
Have opened many doors  that many of us will continue to walk through
For the rest of our days;

We must build up a nation
Where our sistas can be who they are,
While outsiders are looking in and
Wishing from afar_
How to be like us
And to live
Without prejudice_
In their lives
Along with hate and guilt,
And never understanding how
Our sistahood was built_
With love, peace, and the help
Of our men,
Knowing that our fundamental nature
Comes from within_
Our black sistas and mothers
Are necessary to bring forth life and help
Our black fathers to raise up strong black brothers_
Because there is no other_
That endures pain and struggle
Like a true sista has,
Knowing always
That trouble doesn't last;

It was not fear
That God instilled in me, it was humility,
And knowing His love and Supreme Being
Has set my soul free_
Free from this world's corruption and negativity;
Reaching back to bring forward
What we need in our lives,
The strength to survive,
And from where our power was derived;

As a people, we have pure creativity
Running through our veins,
Our inevitable brains is where
Our cultural awareness will always remain;
It's easy to convey unity,
Within and throughout our community,
While our sistahood is built up like a strong immunity;
Our people was taken from
The motherland and forced into slavery,
But it took extreme courage
And substantial bravery_
To withstand what was thought to be
Hell on Earth
Waiting to be free
From the tormenting reality
Of oppressive captivity_
Yes, physically we were freed
But still
Mentally deceived_
By authority figures
That continuously call us
Undeserving black folks Niggers_
They have pulled many triggers_
To kill off our people and to make us obsolete,
But they can never defeat
A growing nation of knowledge and wisdom,
That's solid as concrete_
We are taking back
Our dignity, power, and pride,
Having nothing to hide_deep down on the inside_
Don't let our nation of Sistahood ever be denied.

SistaHood by VaShon J. Brown

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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