Au Natural (With Nature)

by VaShon J. Brown

I got tired of clipping split ends,

Keeping up with the latest trends,

Trying to impress men and my friends…

Not to mention the money I had to spend;

No more relaxers, perms, wigs, and weaves

Down my back,

I have embraced the Lord’s creation

Of me being black…

Black by nature

And nothing can change that;


Made from the seed 

And salt of the Earth,

My life’s destiny and agenda

Was already designated before my birth;

God has plans for all of His people

And He created us from the conception of His mind,

Forever connected by nature

And never severing the ties that bind;


Educating and elevating myself

And fulfilling my possibilities,

Giving up my life to God for His purpose

And to use me to the best of my abilities;

I’m going back, back, back to my roots…

Planting my spiritual seed, for spiritual growth,

And to produce spiritual fruits;


The media have so many people programmed

To what the world is supposed to be,

They are taking away from God’s essential quality

And originality;

I have to remove self to receive the blessings

That God has for me…

Manifesting and enhancing my spiritual bouquet

For the entire world to see.

Au Natural (With Nature) by VaShon J. Brown

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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