America, the Addict

by VaShon J. Brown

America is a fiend,

Dirty as hell 

But still manages 

To keep its nose clean.

Orchestrating its addiction

And drawing it into its veins,

Traveling through the bloodstream,

Wreaking havoc, and affecting the complexities 

of the brain;

Craving the means

To stay constantly high,

The addiction is so strong,

It makes the Creator cry.

America uses power

To get its fix,

By taking from the poor

To make its dealers rich;

How long will the addiction go on?

How long will America continue to stand?

Militant forces are contributors

To the addictions of this pain-ridden land;

Being prostituted and pimped out

By notorious leaders,

Being destroyed, tormented, and abused

By parasitical feeders;

America’s eyes are seeing 


Bringing on constituted


Continuously chasing after its own dream

Of communism, capitalism, and the justification

Of deliberate racism;

To keep America’s alcoholism intact

There’s a liquor store on every ghetto block,

The battle between all of America’s addictions 

Keeps it in an ongoing culture shock.

Convulsing, twisting, and turning as

America attempts to withdraw…

To live in peace and become governed by its own rules

And abide by its laws.

Due to fatal violence,

America has lost tremendous weight,

Trying to walk upright and keep

Its equilibrium straight;

Having unbelievable side effects

That somehow affects every cell

In America’s body, which are us,

Underhandedly receiving shipments

Of cocaine, heroin, and pounds of cannabis;

Keeping America under surveillance

To monitor its response and to see if it fails,

Addicted Americans are being manipulated

To fill empty jail cells.

Contraband from other countries 

Seem to be smuggled in everyday,

To America my heart goes out,

And for America I will pray.

America, the Addict by VaShon J. Brown

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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