Who Is She?

by Vamecia L. Powell

Corn Rolls and Minnie Mouse
Are her favorite things
Fuchsia is her favorite color
And man, can she sing!

An average of 2 sometimes 3 
Showers she takes a day
And if she is ever faced with anything
The first thing she’ll do is pray

If you want a good laugh 
Listen while she’s asleep
Trust me you will laugh hard
It may even make you leap

She loves CeCe Winans
And has met her once before
Do you know who she is?
Or shall I say more?

What if I say that she’s a good friend
And a teacher to many
She’s a role model to some
And a sister to plenty

Some call her Chat
Because it’s short and sweet
Others Doctor Chelsea cause she says
“Put a handle on me”

But what I call her is Chatsy 
Because I know her very well
I know her when she’s up 
And saw her when she fell

Although she seems always on top
She’s a human just like you
If something hurts you sometimes
It also probably hurts her too

She’s the chic we all see 
But often wonder “How she does it?”
She’s Chelsea, the one, the only,
The lovely

And the writer of this 
Is everyone who has felt the way I feel
So if I sign this poem as mine
It wouldn’t be done as real

So all of us write this to you
Because occasionally we think about how
Is it that you are so wonderful 
And never take the time to bow

Who Is She? by Vamecia L. Powell

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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