If I Was To Die, I Would Want You All To Know

Series I: Jamar, Avise and Jonisha

by Vamecia Powell

If I was to die I know I would have a lot to say,
So take a little time and read this letter today.
Now I know that some people I will forget to mention,
So if you are mentioned, pay very close attention!

Jamar: Take the time and smile a bit, trust me your life wil be more
Jamar, it is time to grow up and your age is irrelavant.
You have to live your own life, finish school be a success and find a good
Avise: Rely on no man and keeo the kids safe, prove the people wrong who
told you NO in your face.
Jonisha: Shoot for the stars, don't settle for the view, I see a little of
myself inside of you!

If I Was To Die, I Would Want You All To Know by Vamecia Powell

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