If I Was To Die, I Would Want You All To Know

Series I: Mom, Vinezia and Bookie

by Vamecia Powell

If I was to die I know I would have a lot to say,
So take a little time and read this letter today.
Now I know that some people I will forget to mention,
So if you are mentioned, pay very close attention!

Mom, I owe you so much and I promise that I gotcha' back,
In time you will never want for anything and that is a sure fact.
So, you keep on working until you hear me or Bookie say,
Mama I am the new C-E-O of  J-E-A.
Vinezia, My heart and a reflexion of myself,
Always shoot for the stars and ask if you need help,
I will always be there, you are my little stista and I will always care.
Bookie, I know I don't say much but I have thought this through.
From the bottom of my heart, I am very proud of you!

If I Was To Die, I Would Want You All To Know by Vamecia Powell

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