by Vamecia Powell

My utopia would be very different from yours,
I would make a world where you would not have to lock your doors,
and a woman will never be referred to as a bitch or a whore,
and my bank account will be forever overflowing.

A poet will be like the United States President
and everyone would read the poetry and understand what it meant.

All men, especially the chocolate ones would be nothing but straight,
b'cause all that chocolate loving would not be going to waste.

And there would be no such things as bestfriends
'cause everyone would be equally loved,
and in the morning instead of pledging your allegiance to some flag
we would all give hugs.

And the national anthem would be a good old-fashioned Baptist church song
because at one time in every one's life to a Baptist church you once belonged.

And you would be born knowing your mate,
that would eliminate all the going on dates and heartbreaks.

There would be no handicaps or deformities and never a death,
people will live on forever in nothing but good health.  

For men who ever thought of hitting a woman and the word got back to me,
him I would lock up somewhere and I will definitely throw away the key.

And racism would be banished and all color lines would have vanished
and if a white person said 'nigga'
they would be hung upside down by their anus.

And all your family would live close together
so that all of the babies will know that they are loved by all, forever.

If a woman wanted an abortion she would have to carry the child to term,
and then when the baby is born we can find it a better home.

And there would be one church and one pastor
and their name would represent love;
they would be true and real; sharing words from the one up above.

And falling in love would be the sweetest thing there is,
your relationships would flourish and you would never have any fears.

And weddings, oh man, would be the event of the year,
they would be like a Jaguar game and the audience would cheer. 

The audience would cheer because the two people are uniting as one,
and the commitment they share would be one like the Father and His Son.

Look my world would be tight and that is all that needs to be said,
even if it only exists inside of my head. 

Utopia by Vamecia Powell

© Copyright2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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