The Preacher, The Deacon And The Prostitute

by Vamecia L. Powell

Don't get me wrong I know that no one's perfect including me but I have to get this out,
You can take this poem too serious if you want but don't blame me for your doubts. 
If I were not a Christian and I saw this happening I may not turn to God,
Because sometimes even some of God's children can make living right real hard.

Again, this poem here is not for you to take any offense or defense,
Just look inside yourself and tell me if this makes any sense.
Just know that if you proclaim to be saved you must live the style you say,
Someone unsaved may be watching, each and everyday.

I knew this preacher once who I just knew was straight and narrow,
I knew that if anyone else did he wouldn't shoot me in the back with an arrow.
And his wife and kids thought he helped God hang the moon,
For me he was so laid back, kool, just kool.

But one day someone told me of this deep dark secret that he had,
I couldn't believe what I was hearing but I wanted to so bad.
So although this was a close person to me telling all his wrongs,
I did not truly believe it until I listened when he talked on the phone.

He sounded like a different man than I heard all those times before,
Instead of him glorifying God he glorified being a whore.
And if I weren't already convinced that Jesus cares for all,
I would have turned my back on the church and denied that I was called.

I knew this deacon once who was as crooked as them came,
He sold drugs while at home and served the communion all the same.
He drunk Heinekens and smoked weed like it was God's Holy water,
Somehow I believe that the preacher and the deacon were long lost brothers.

And last but not least I knew a woman who sold her body,
She needed money bad so sometimes she worked the whole party.
She got the money she needed and paid her bills up to date,
And decided that she would quit prostitution and live right, for her children's sake.

She met the preacher one night at this hotel he frequents, at the beach,
She told him that she quit her job because she began to feel dirty, like a leach.
Since the preacher had a problem with flesh, he convinced her to sleep with him,
She did not want to do it but she could use the money to help her brother Slim.

That morning she awoke, went home and started to get dressed,
She decided to go to church and she was so depressed.
She went to this church she had heard about somewhere,
Apparently she heard that they were free and how you looked they didn't care.

As she walked through the door, she was a little late,
And to her pure amazement she saw a very familiar face.
She saw the man she met last night up at the podium preaching,
She couldn't believe what she saw, this man was up teaching?

She turned away and walked out of the church doors on that day,
And from this day I haven't seen her and I hate that it had to happen that way.
Unlike the preacher and the deacon this woman was going to do right,
But I guess she figured that the church too was corrupt and then turned her back.

People this is intended to be black humor, you know make you laugh a little and cry,
Just know that you will leave this place when you die.
And it is very important that you make an honest effort to live the way you say,
Because you never know who may be watching you each and everyday.

The Preacher, The Deacon And The Prostitute by Vamecia L. Powell

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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