If I Was To Die, I Would Want You All To Know - Series II: Cidney, Monique and Melissa

by Vamecia Powell

If I was to die I know I would have a lot to say,
so take a little time and read this letter today. 
Now I know that some people I will forget to mention,
so if you are mentioned, pay very close attention!
Cidney: You are so precious, and very smart too.
'Cid', when I grow up, I want to be just like you.
Monique: I appreciate all the constant encouragement that you give to me,
I can always count on advice from you for no fee.
So keep on striving and making people proud,
you are truly a great person and I am not ashamed to say it loud. 
Keep 'Cid' safe and give her all your love,
and know that all good things comes from the Lord up above. 
The man that God has for you is JUST for you,
and please remember that in all that you do!
Melissa: I have alot to say to you
and I don't know where to begin.
I don't want to start by saying
that you are a really good friend. 
It's more to it than that and I can hardly put this to words,
I guess I start off by saying 'thank you', first!
Thanks for showing my the process of true friendship,
it has nothing to do with what I give and what you get.
It's about sharing and that's how we do,
gosh, it's so hard to explain these simple words to you.
Please realize that all I want from you and others is love,
a smile, maybe a laugh, and an occasional hug.
Also realize that all relationships
begin with friendships and true friendships take time, 
don't drop the brothers for trying to throw game and rapping a little line.  
And yes, before they know you they are gonna be attracted to you physically,
then you will blow his mind when you are able to relate with him mentally.
And, NEVER let a dude stress you out to the point,
where you take it out on those around you b'cause that's not what you want.
Just like you talk to your friends about all the good that's going on,
you need not shut them out when something is going wrong.
B'cause if the person is a real friend they will be able to help,
not only when things are cool, but also with anything else.
I think I may stop here cause I am beginning to tear up,
I usually don't let people close to my heart, so I don't know wassup!?!
You are one of a kind and a loveable person too,
and please know that I will only tell you the truth.
So, live, live, live your own life and please try to not hold nothing back.

If I Was To Die, I Would Want You All To Know - Series II: Cidney, Monique and Melissa by Vamecia Powell

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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