Transfixed (Inspired By A Look...)

by Vince Vanguard Vainglorious

One day you値l finally take notice, but I assure you I値l be long gone

Please make no mistake about it, this time I知 really moving on

I知 thinking about leaving this city, so I shant have to walk on our streets 

Going to wash all of my good linens, so your lies don稚 crust on my sheets

Just to make sure you take notice this time, I知 going to go buy myself a gun

If voodoo doesn稚 work with these bullets, I値l just shoot up your picture for fun

The pros are all out on strike now and the cons take up two pages on the ledger

Good enough just ain稚 good enough anymore, only lubricated for your pleasure

Breakfast in bed is now just a lonely ritual, just like crying for no obvious reason

If loving you is right I want to be wrong, can稚 continue to commit this love treason

I値l piece together my broken heart and hide it; in a strongbox is where it will keep

Going to schedule my crying for mornings only, because this wet pillow is torturing my sleep

I know I値l never find another lover like you and for that my emotions are mixed

I値l never be as blind to put my own needs behind and on another be so much transfixed

Transfixed (Inspired By A Look...) by Vince Vanguard Vainglorious

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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