by Vince Vanguard Vainglorious

 Whenever I hold the double bongos, I canít resist playing
I love to hear that sound
I canít wait to get started and sometimes must be told to stop
Itís such a beautiful instrument, round and firm with its beautiful skin stretched ever so tight 
My hand vigorously strikes one side repeatedly until its time to strike the other 
Sometimes I am inspired to improvise and play both sides at one time
Itís more about the technique than the actual melody 
Remember the drummerís main duty is to keep the beat
The drummerís inspiration must always be the rhythm   
To keep the drum in good working order, it is best not to bang it too hard
It is suggested that you oil the drum well to improve its condition 
Even a fine well made tight drum can only take so much banging
Thereís an art to beating the drums well 
You must strike the skin firmly but not too hard
On occasion though your accompanist may request you beat the drum harder
Such a request is rare, so when offered the chance you must oblige
Like all fine instruments good drums are all delicate and each quite different
The smaller brown ones can produce an excellent honey sweet tone 
Their smooth shiny skin is a pleasure for the eyes and a treat for the ears 
Personally I prefer the larger deep dark tight firm round ones with an earthy tone
They inspire a primal emotion in me that reminds me of real African Drums
If you select one of a lighter hue, you may need to oil it well so as not to bruise the skin
The light ones come in many sizes like the others, but may require a higher level of maintenance  
Playing the drums is a special talent and requires the right amount of skill and restraint
Not everyone will be pleased with the results or able to appreciate your talent
Learning to play can be a noisy and painful undertaking, 

so it is suggested that you request permission before starting. 
If you learn your craft and do the job well though, 

a good time will be had by all and you will be rewarded with tears of joy

Spank by Vince Vanguard Vainglorious

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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