The Day I Fell In Love With Black Women

by Vince Vanguard Vainglorious

From my mother’s womb and new to the world was I. 

A startle of air filled my lungs and I began to cry.

The doctor cleaned my mouth to let in the air. 

My eyes squinted then closed shut from the bright lights glare

He handed me to a woman drained by the ordeal of birth.

I could tell from that moment she loved me for all she was worth. 

She held me in her arms and propped up my head. 

From that day forward, from this woman my soul would be fed.

Lovers, friends, soul mates, blind dates, pieces, priestess, goddess 

I won’t tell tales out of school or be immodest.

I have known and loved Black women of all shapes sizes and hues. 

I will always honor, cherish and protect them and let no man abuse.

...but they can be a handful too y’all, God only knows. 

When they looking’ real good, got on that makeup and put on them clothes.

Sometimes they’ll talk to you real bad and make you feel low. 

That’s the time you should put on yo’ shoes and head for the do’

...but sometimes if you stay, later on they’ll rub your back and make you smile. 

Then you think to yourself, I guess I better keep on lovin’ these Black women for a while.

The Day I Fell In Love With Black Women by Vince Vanguard Vainglorious

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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