Billie, Ella & Nina

by Vince Rogers

When the silence breaks, make no mistake, you shall remember what you've heard within these walls
 This divine choir is rare, so be thankful you were there and well worthy to be here in this hall
 I know the hour draws nigh, but these great divas are worth the wait I assure
 Perhaps they’re still convincing the Duke, to play piano when Ella sings Azure 
 The ladies are as excited to be seen as you are to see them, especially Miss Lady Day
 I understand, if you have to leave I won’t stop you, but you’ll regret you did not stay
 I would still be here and would sit here all year, to hear sweet Ella sing just one song. 
 No sir I did not say there would be only one, listen carefully and please don’t quote me wrong 
 With my own eyes I have seen them all three, though Miss Simone hath just arrived of late
Will she sing Mississippi Goddamn? Well I suppose she will, if she finds herself in that mood or that state
 Just be patient, they have some catching up to do, you must admit they’ve all paid their dues 
 “....Yeah girl they had this skinny broad playing you and called it “Lady Sings the Blues”
 Alas, I can hear them laughing, it should be just a minute before they appear right here on this stage
 Sir I’m sure if they take requests she’ll do Strange Fruit, but be warned, it still may send some into a rage
 Pres will blow Tenor, Chick will play drums and Nina may play some piano if she so feels
 Does Billie still drink? That’s not your business I think, did you come for the spectacle or their skills? 
 At last the lights have been cued, the curtain will rise, we shall hear an angelic trio for the ages
 We should count ourselves blest, to hear the three best, to ever grace this or any other stages

Billie, Ella & Nina by Vince Rogers

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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