by Vince Vanguard Vainglorious

Tell me what you are trying to build, not what needs to be torn down
Tell me what you believe in, not what you doubt
Tell me who you love, not what you hate
Tell me who is right, not what is wrong
Tell me about your plan, not your plot
Tell me about your leadership, not the betrayals of the past
Tell me who you will follow now, not how far we've come
Tell me about your organizing, not the conspiracies of others
Tell me about unity and culture, not political science and urban studies
Tell me who you believe in, not why I should vote just because
Tell me what you learned, not what they were wrong about
Tell me about your triumphs, not just our tragedies
Tell me what you did right, not what they did wrong
Tell me about our bright magnificent future, not the dark gloomy past

Agenda by Vince Vanguard Vainglorious

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