My Proposal

by Golden Collegiate

I half expected you to erupt flames from your soul,
Like hot fire from coal,
Great tongues inflicting knowledge,
Providing brotherhood,
Are you misunderstood?
With great power you define,
Abilities confined,
Within the small spaces of the mind,
You seek to enlarge,
Take charge,
Form aims of united brains,
Sustain instincts,
Oh divine,
Let's decide,
Is it time?
Just drop the joke, speak te spoke,
Quit the smoke and kill the choke,
Fix the broke,
Let's grow, you know,
Higher, never falling like snow,
Let's seek honours,
Assuming colours,
Not requiring lawyers,
Pray tell 
From what hell
You wish to bell me from
Holding the smoking gun
Begging to hail
Release you from jail
Requiring my bail,
My wisdom is not for sale,
I'll offer you my services now,
No need to bow,
Just think about how to make ends meet,
When we greet and meet
The seed we'll reap
And aim to please,
Taking a sneak, a quick peek
But no,
Mystery is a gift,
Let's drift,
You just lift yourself to something good,
Bad from the hood,
Feeling that mood,
Conclude a life which stood no chance,
Without no glance from society's leaders you struggled,
I understand the hustle, appreciate the bustle,
Flexing them muscles,
But please accept my concept,
To still be ill,
But not the kill,
And baby let's just chill.

My Proposal by Golden Collegiate

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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