Still Looking Over Your Shoulders

by Ulysses Sampson

Lost in a maze, walking around in a daze
Wishing once more for the good old days
And, still looking over your shoulder
For some ghost of the past
Trying to hold on to something that will last
And, still looking over your shoulder

You'd have thought once you grew older
You'd wise up and see it for what it is
It's nothing more than what you make it
This life we live is all our doing
Like the food you're chewing
But, you long for the days and walk around dazed
Don't even comb your hair, you look crazed
And, still looking over your shoulder

Yeah, they're all gonna catch you like a slave
They're gonna pass you too
Cause your road is scattered and still unpaved
You didn't plan on this
Now, did ya
No, you didn't plan a thing
That's why you're looking over your shoulder

What do you think you're going to see there
Do you really think anybody cares now
Why don't you ask yourself
Why are you looking over your shoulders

You spent too much time watching shows 
Like Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones
It teaches you nothing you hadn't already known
And, it only keeps you beneath the rest
In the dark and below the best
That's why you're behind in all these things
And, you don't know what tomorrow will bring
That's why you're looking over your shoulder

There goes the brown one streaking past
There goes the yellow one and you're dead last
Cause the white one is far ahead
No need now to look over your shoulder
You're a fish in the water, almost dead
You should have planned this race
Instead of trying to beat the pace

Now, have you learned from anything I've said
All the ones before you strung up and dead
Gave you all this opportunity
What have you given others like me
Anything more you care to explore
I hope I don't grow up like you
Looking over my shoulder

Still lost in a daze
Running around like a rat in a maze
But, it's never too late
Not even at this late date
To make a plan
To be a man
To stand with the rest
With your head held high
You can be the best
If you just stop looking over your shoulder

Still Looking Over Your Shoulders by Ulysses Sampson

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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