A Sober High

by Lyrixx

Walk with me in hell, step three lines passed yourself
and tell me how it felt to be outside your shell,
it's always dark at the bottom of the well, in my cell,
and the light above just shines so bright, how far i have fell,
I can't tell because my eyes are covered by my mind, mentally blind
to how I've become trapped inside my own wicked rhymes,
devious lines absorbed my mind, surpassed hell in painful time,
mental crimes aligned against my own front lines,
and i receive no help from those i held divine, left behind,
to die within my own sight, killed by myself, how can i fight?
either way I've lost my light and i'm falling deeper into this plight,
i wont survive, but i'm only worried about if i might,
or end up flying into new heights or be left in hell's sight.
walk with me in hell, see my devolving life,
from conception, to my fathers deception, and my gods rejection,
the first time i felt an erection, to the day my mind lost its last connection
to the rest the world, but insanity brought lyrical perfection,
gifts at my ends reception, my demonic minds rigged election,
my final change in direction, the day satan shifted my perception
into living in a new kind of mental neglection.
stalk with me threw hell, see my world as itself,
the pain I've felt, experience the hands i've been dealt,
watch your life melt into something evil, and people is no help,
pray for god for the strengthen of your belt, hanging from the only tree in hell.

A Sober High by Lyrixx

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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