My "Culture"

by Tyiako

Peel my flesh off.
See me for who I am- not the culture you have prescribed for me. Culture?
I don't embrace my culture. I can't embrace my culture. 
There are those who would have you believe that my culture is ignorance. 
The very notion of being of darker skin is cause for lack of intelligence, laziness, belligerence. 
The reality is, there is no dumb gene, not like they would have you believe. 
Cultures are what you make them and I for one am not going to subscribe 
to your misinterpretation of the habits you call my culture...
My culture is about 'bitches and hoes' who take what I give out, 
submit to my shit and service me while I service depravity with my drugs and my bling
My culture is about YOLO and parties and 'getting crunk' 
and spittin game and not worrying about little things like honest jobs or honest friends beyond the bottle.
My culture is about killing people of my culture over petty misunderstandings, 
ducking the police for things I've done wrong
And the truth of it is, on the day to day personal level, you despise my culture. 
And the sad truth under that is that you love my culture...
You love my culture so much, you seem surprised when I reject it.
You love my culture so much, some of you wiggers try to be fly.
You love my culture, you say it's my culture, and you question why I stray
I have a question for you...

Why is my culture married to ignorance?
Why is intelligence associated with only your culture?
Why is the violence justified as national security?
If there is truly a culture of ignorance, yours is not exempt. 
If there is truly a culture of violence, yours is not exempt. 
If there is truly a culture of any despicable quality you can fathom... yours is not exempt.
See, when you don't know where you come from and you don't have any friends, 
you spend a lot of time thinking. 
And I've been there and done that more times than I can count, 
I've done that every time I've heard the words 'you speak so well,' 
or 'you aren't really black, are you?'
So yeah. Peel my flesh off. See me for who I really am, or don't see me at all.

My "Culture" by Tyiako

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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