Robin and the Reptiles

by Tubal Cain

Between the proficient Platoons
Of the Customs, Immigrations, 
And the Police
Were selected a brilliant team
To hold fort
Against invasion, crime and smuggling
At a check point
In faraway border town
Of Badagry                        
A friendship bond grew,
Between two officers
Before they disappeared

Robin and Robert,
Two of a kind,
Had cast a lot,
But secretly, 
After a Job,
To share at once,
Confiscated goods
The contents of 
A strangerís Luggage,

Unaware, and oblivious of
The strangerís watching gaze,
From a tree
Within the bushes,
And soon shared
As always, 
Contents of,
A black bag.

Surprise lay
Like it always does 
Within the unknown,
As in the bags 
On opening 
Within the forest 
A python from the black bag,
Swallowing Robin instantly,

And a Cobra from the white bag 
Biting  Robert 
All at once
With the stranger,
A snake charmer,
Smiling quietly, 
At peace with himself 
On  the treetop.
Behind the bushes.

Robin and the Reptiles by Tubal Cain

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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