by Tselane Mbou

I can be as confusing as the night with no stars.

I can get you lost in this kaleidoscope of life with no problems at all.

I will creep upon you and you will never see me coming.

Shock value is what Im after!

Because you refuse to see me,


And if you understood me, I would take you places that would augment your world.


I am like nothing else that whirls, swirls, blends and solidifies around you.

Distinct! I am!

You want to predicate and explicate me.

How can you do that when you dont know me?

You better get real!!

Cause I will mess you up with just one slap upon your tautology 

and philosophy of what you know I should be and still you refuse to se me.


My dear, I can give you wild organisms, I can give you peace in your mind, 

comfort in your bed or contradict your very existence.


I was created on this earth and out of this earth with you 

and even though you refuse to see me..., you cannot be rid of me.


I will glide, fly, ride, slide, cry and die with youbut not for you.

Continuity... HELL NO... Fragment... because you refuse to see

Wake up girl, Im your reality!

Confusion by Tselane Mbou

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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