You Never Said Goodbye

by TriniPoet

You never said goodbye
Without a word to my heart
You gave one more look at me and then we part
I picked up my belongings and stood there confused
Unable to add together two and two

I spoke to you through the door 
But unable to hear me as your clothes hit the floor
I just took my life and walked to my car
Knowing that I would soon be too far away to even care
Too far away for you to ever see my eyes tear

So that day went and another came quickly along 
And I returned to the city where my heart would now belong
I remembered how you felt 
I remember saying stop before you came
I remember crying because of the pain

You didn’t seem to care
Seemed you were some where else not even there
You came not too quick enough for me
But thank goodness then so you could just let me be
I wanted to talk to you then 
Wanting to speak as we had before as friends

But without another look you went
And our time together was already spent
All you said was that you’d call
Staring at yourself as you stood tall

Embarrassed at what had just took place
Leaving it all behind was the only option to take
That day went and another came quickly along
And I returned to the city where my heart now belonged

Holding on to sweet dreams I had for you and me
But deep down inside I knew that’s all they’d ever be
Dreams …sweet dreams of what could have been
But to my love you were never able to give in

To me you never said goodbye 
But so glad was I inside
Knowing that you would never see me again
Never would I ever be your friend.

You Never Said Goodbye by TriniPoet

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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