Love's Intern

by Trini Poet

I started my workdays walking through busy hallways
He always caught my eye
Quickly as I walked on by
Sometimes I’d sit at my desk and daydream
Wishing that I was a member on his team

So days came and went by
Never brave enough though to even say hi
Then at lunch I heard a familiar tone
I was totally out in my own little zone
He sat next to me and said
“Hey love, how are you doing?”
I whispered “Fine”
And then, and then I lost my mind
He smiled
“You’re new here, what do you do?”
And to which I replied
“I’m love’s intern, and you?”

“What do you mean love’s intern?”
“I mean I am here to learn
Learn from love what she has to give
Learn how to make love grow, prosper and then live”

“You see its not easy finding love
But its even harder to make it last
See love can be found but it can be lost very very fast
So I come here each day 
With an open heart 
One that isn’t afraid
I let love teach me her gentle ways
And hope that she’ll be here to stay”

“So you’ve found love?”
“Yes in your smile that I see each day
 Its in your voice as the words and things that you have to say
Isn’t it quite ironic in the way you chose to greet me?
Hey love were the words you used you see”
“It’s because you have that special twinkle in your eyes
Something so deep, so beautiful it moves me inside
I was only compelled to greet you that way
I didn’t know what other words to say”

“A compelling force between you and I
You know the truth in your heart it resides”
“And the truth is I do love the twinkle in your eyes
The way you walk just blows my mind
If its love I feel for you inside
I welcome it with open arms I no longer want it to hide.”

Love's Intern by Trini Poet

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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