I Am Harmony

by Trini Poet

You say Hem and Haw are just fools knocking on my door
You say I bring chaos and disarray by my deeds and words I say
And then you say that I do more harm than good
So why then do you seek me 
Why...as a friend must I be

How do some treasure my thoughts
Admire my strength 
Praise my achievements 
Listen to my words
And be dazzled by my knowledge

There is so much to me
More than the eyes can ever see
A depth that's untouchable by any man
Yeah my soul stays restless in search of his hand
The hand, mind, body, spirit and soul of that man
The one I lay next to in deepest of fantasy
Oh how true I wish he could be

Maybe I do look for that love
Having tried all the wrong places
Only kissing the wrong faces
But such is life 
And such is that path that I shall travel

I experience to learn
I learn only to live
And live only by great faith
Surviving in this existence of little regret and so much hope
Believing in my every dream, goal and even fantasy

So ..........
If trouble do come where I might be
Just let it be known that I am HARMONY

I Am Harmony by Trini Poet

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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