Thoughts of an Idle Mind

by Too Distinct

Ask why I don't attend church
I have one thought that's constant
Ironic pastors are servants of God
Cause their main priority is profits

Preachers, bishops and fathers 
the list isn't stopping
Committing to anywhere that pays the most
They talk bad about clubs but they're church hopping

Sermons about how to live your life
But what if my translation is different?
I'm blasphemous if I disagree 
And my destruction is imminent 

I refuse to believe we serve a God that cruel
One that because of my way of life He'd send me to a fiery pool
But supposedly there's free will?
I continue to ask these questions thinking someone will answer but no one will

Just do what The Book says and you go to heaven
But that book says bastards go to hell
Is that what you mean when you say life is pre-destined?
Because I was apparently damned before I even turned Seven

Truthfully religion is an epidemic
Infecting the minds of billions and I'll have no part in it
If you ask me evil is apparently winning
Cause no matter what you do somehow, someway it's considered sinning. 

Thoughts of an Idle Mind by Too Distinct

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