Wondering About Things

by Tony P.

Wondering about things that I really shouldnít
Dreaming of things that really donít matter
Fantasizing about possibilities that I know donít exist
Believing in trivial things and accepting them as facts

These things I do because Iím simply wondering
Wondering of ifs and why nots things that I ponder
Daydreaming of far off places and riches never imagined
Wondering about life and seeing the twists and turns

Looking at clouds and imagining they are much more
Wondering bout things Iíve done and if I would change them
Wondering about the future and imagining its bright
Thinking of inventions that arenít really here

Mathematical equations or finding a cure are things I think
Of saving the world or winning the last war
Diplomatic thinking of making peace among mankind
Wondering about living on the moon or maybe even Venus

Wondering about climbing Mt Everest and conquering my fear
Sailing around the world or journeying by plane
Reaching new heights and the exploring of me
Wondering about the present and the state Iím in

Wondering about foolishness even while Iím writing this
Silly I can be but thatís the way I am because of my thoughts
Though not deep but wondering I do often
Cause I simply enjoy the thinking that I do

Wondering bout things I canít control nor can I change
But I wonder just the same cause I do believe
To not wonder about the differences in life is to settle for less
So Iíll keep wondering and thinking about the possibilities I want

Wondering About Things by Tony P.

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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