Which Road Do I Take?

by Tony P.

Which road should I take?

I am journeying along lifeís highway
I soon come upon a fork in the road
Do I go left or do I go right
Or better still do I turn around

I know all the trappings from my past
Nothing there can hurt me
I now have the shield and armor
To protect me from every foe Iíve vanquished before

Though intriguing and I feel comfortable
I know deep inside that is not an option
I must go right or I must go left
Which road should I take

I look left it looks sunny but the road is a dirt road
I picture myself travelling this road
The gravel will eventually eat through my shoes
The dust will cover my skin and cause difficulty in breathing
This road is definitely without peril but the sky is clear

The road on the right is dark and dreary
But the road is paved and boarded by green fields
I instantly feel a chill when I think of this road
I have no light to guide me
What if I got lost?

Which road do I take?
The road to the right or the road to the left
I am travelling on loveís lonely highway
Do I give up and lock my heart away forever
Can anyone hear me??
Can anyone hear me??

Which Road Do I Take? by Tony P.

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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