Warrior Bred

by Tony P.

My armor is platinum and shining so bright
Sword and shield made of steel with a look of glass
A steed that is black with a temper to match
I call him pride because I trust him

Once I was trapped in water of sand
Sinking quite fast with no help in sight
Giving up hope when all seemed lost
For no one was near to hear my pleads 

Someone did hear as I slowly submerge
My life force was spent and I saw death
Clammy and cold was the touch that I felt
As I slowly embraced the darkness of night

Three damsels appeared shrouded in white
They walked upon this water of sand
Like walking on beach not sinking like I
They smiled at me as they slowly approached

One grabbed my right hand one grabbed my left hand
The third looked at me to see if I needed their help
Looking in my eyes and seeing my soul
With a wave of her hand I slowly rose

Once I was free and standing among safety
I kneel down as a sign of respect
She lifted my head and pointed above
Slowly I realized damsels they were not

Angels from above were sent to my aid
Helping a warrior to rise from despair
To continue the fight for which he was bred
Bred to stand tall and fight for the light
Warrior bred is he to live and die
Copyright 2001

Warrior Bred by Tony P.

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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