This A.M.

by Tony P.

OOOOhhh barely awake waiting on a clock
Phone rings startling me-who can this be
Sweet angelic voice whispers good morning to me
Causing a stirring in my very soul
This A.M. I feel loved and desired

My soul mate is calling me waking me from sleep
Instantly fantasizes are created and joy reborn
Falling asleep with her on my mind and deep in my heart
Awaking me from an erotic dream as if she knew
This A.M. my love wakes me up

Awaking from my slumber and causing a great ache
Ache of missing and longing for this woman
My gift from GOD to inspire and motivate me
Giving me hope of a future so bright
This A.M. my love calls just to say I Love you

Love and joy are the things that she brings
Answering questions that Iíve never asked
Vision of loveliness etched in my mind
Soul starts trembling from the words she express
This A.M. tears of joy flow from my eyes

Never ever dream of one such as she
Fleeing from past and never daring to love
Opening my heart she came into my life
Dreams and possibilities are the things that she gave
This A.M. Iím complete cause my soul mate called

This A.M. by Tony P.

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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