Online Jazz Band

by Tony P.

Wandering about aimlessly I heard this sound calling to me
Slightly deciphering instrumental and vocal arrangements
Melodically and hypnotically drawing me near
Till I entered the club to see what was happening

Dimly lit club with a smoke filled aroma
Liquor flowing freely to assist in the transformation
A jazz band named Online was pumping these sounds
Sounds of jazz with a twist of funk

Shaken not stirred were the sounds that they gave
Running the gamut from Jazz to Funk
Classical, pop, fusion was the jazz that they played
But when they brought the Funk the crowd went wild

Sipping on some Hen just brought me along
For the ride of this musical experience was something to behold
Like a musical extravaganza that you hoped wouldn’t end
From Santana to the Godfather of soul they played to the crowd

Bandana on lead was the leader of the band
Candy girl on vocals made me think of Jill
D-Marie was sultry reminded me of Toni
Sticks on drums was like a man possessed 

With the music still pumping I started paying attention
Remembering my youth from the sounds that they played
Vision of parties when no adults were present
Of slow dancing and dancing like Mike

The Negotiator on sax you knew were he got the name
Fingers on keys creating riffs of true feelings
Cadillac Slim was the youngest but the bass he could play
The lead singer name Velvet do I need to say more

Online Jazz Band during their final curtain call
Introducing the band with the Golden Time of Day
Made you reminisce that their performance was special
Give it up y’all give it up y’all Online y’all Online y’all

Online Jazz Band by Tony P.

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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