Mind, Body, And Soul of the African American Heritage

by Dark Angel

From the westerns shores of Africa 
They were ripped from their homelands
Slaves they became releasing their thrones
Seeing the shores while shackled with chains

Never to return to the land of their birth
Strangers on a vessel for a voyage never imagined
Mind began forming of things never imagined
Strange language they would learn starting their formation

Reaching a distant shore weary from a long journey
Many didn't make it cause the conditions were horrible
Metamorphing their minds creating something new
Changes forthcoming made the journey seem easy

Families and love ones separated at the shore
Pain from the losing was a lot for a mind
Pawed and grilled as if they were less than humans
First crack of the whip and tearing of the flesh

The whip to the back or wherever it touches
Searing the flesh of many and marking for life
Forming a body and causing a great strength
Strengthening the body and joining the mind

Generations to generations the lesson were passed
Through strengthening of the body and joining of the minds
Shackles finally broken releasing their souls
Descendants of these slaves arose in this nation

Doctors, teachers, politician, entrepreneurs, inventors
Lawyers, astronauts, astronomers, chemist, nurses
Military leaders, heroes, athletes, innovators, architects
Writers, poets, actors, songwriters, entertainers

Harriet Tubman, Colin Powell, Martin Luther King Jr
Ron McNair, Denzel Washington, Benjamin Banneker
Duke Ellington, George Washington Carver, James Weldon Johnson
W.E. Dubouis, Madame C. K. Walker, just to name a few
Descendants of African slaves all created by
The mind, body and soul of the African American Heritage

Mind, Body, And Soul of the African American Heritage by Dark Angel

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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