I Feel

by Dark Angel

I feel the presence of you
Though you're not here
In the wind that blows
Even in the sounds I hear

I feel warmth when I sense you
A joy never felt in my life before
Sometimes pain but even that is just
Smiling or frowning neither did matter

I feel your strength touching my soul
Soothing and stroking to keep it pure
A light within me for all to see
Wishing they too had someone like you

I feel that time and distance really didn't matter
Just the thought of knowing that you were feeling me too
Made me feel secure and stronger than most
Though alone I am loneliness is never felt

I feel that you were my queen sent as my bride
To help me ascend to my throne
To rule with wisdom and just being the way
Creating our world with truth and pure love

I feel tears streaming down my face
Aching in my heart and emptiness inside
Sadness is now the feeling I'm feeling
With a bittersweet taste and memories of fondness

I feel that I am the one who should be in your place
The place that you reside with a peaceful smile
I'll talk to you daily and pray that you hear
I feel that I'll love you `til I see you again
Until that time sleep peacefully my love

I Feel by Dark Angel

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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