Desert Nights

by Tony P

Suns gone down and the heat as well
Going from brilliant light to shadowy dark
A full moon gleaming with bright twinkling stars
Sweltering heat dissipates replaced by chill winds
Causing one to wonder the extremities of this place
Blinding sunlight by day and dark contrast at night
Seeming as though a person has roamed from here to there
Causing ones mind to play tricks on them
Causing great confusions and seeing many mirages
Just like life with its many possibilities
Beauty to be seen but ones much too blind
Not appreciating the beauty in the dark nor the light
Rambling in the mind is with me this night
Desert Nights why do you torture me thus
Bringing on memories which are buried deep within
People places things and time long since forgotten
These desert nights are bringing them forth
Of lost love and misdeeds which are all part of me
Happiness loneliness through the gamut I roam
Aimlessly wandering searching for my home
Not a physical place but where my sanity dwells
Sand slowly twirls as a sandstorm approaches
Blinding my eyes as the sand picks up
Shutting my eyes to keep out the sand
Freeing my mind I slowly weep
Tears cleansing my eyes as though I was bathing
Washing away pain sadness and loneliness
I now understand how I came to this place
I needed to think and dwell on my life
Desert nights finally freed me

Desert Nights by Tony P

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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