Conversations: Chapter One

by Tony P.

Today is a beautiful day on this oriental island. As I look out the window of the taxicab, a sense of calmness surrounds me. I smile to myself because I would never have imagined that I would enjoy something so simple as a taxi ride. At this particular moment it is the most beautiful sight that I could ever imagine. The sign to my right let's me know that I will be arriving at the airport in less than five minutes. I reach into my pocket and I pulled out a 20,000 yen bill. I think to myself "Hopefully it will be enough to pay for the fare. The yen dollar rate fluctuates what seems like everyday now. Transferring dollars to yens has become sort of like a business lately."

The taxi makes a right turn approximately 10 kilometers from where I saw the sign. It stops in front of the international terminal. I smile to myself because not long ago I remember this exact same spot. That time there was some pain associated with this stop but this time it is a little different. The driver pushes a button and the door of the taxi opens. I exit and I began to stretch and take a deep breath of air. The driver motions to a baggage handler to come pick up my bags. I hand him the 20,000 yen and he returns 7,000 yen change to me. I hand him 2,000 yen as a tip. The driver bows and I return the bow. He gets into his taxi and drives off.

"JAL" the baggage handler says. "Yes I'm going to Florida," I said. "I will take your luggage to the JAL counter and they will check your bags in there," he said. I thought to myself that if this exact same thing had occurred stateside that there would be no way in hell I would trust anyone with my bags. I trust this man without hesitation. Since I've been here I've never had a problem with the Japanese. Honor and trustworthiness is so ingrained in them that it would shock most Americans to deal with them. Though money is important to the majority of them. Their code of honor is actually their greatest treasure and no amount of money would let them betray their tenements. I hand him the remaining 5,000 yen for his trouble and he is gone before I know it.

I proceed to the door to enter the terminal. Maybe I should have looked at the signs because I tried to enter the terminal through the exit door. A not so friendly airport security guard pointed me in the right direction. These guys are just like the Japanese police they never smile. I know for a fact that they know some type of martial art and you don't tangle with them. "You punk! I can't believe that you didn't say something," I thought. Up until this moment I haven't really thought about the changes that I've gone through since I joined the military. I bowed in a courteous manner and departed for the correct door, which was just a few feet over. I see the English words of entrance and at this moment I feel slightly stupid but I find some humor in this situation. While snickering to myself I almost drop my briefcase

I enter Naha International Airport, Okinawa Japan. As I walk through the automatic doors I stop and pause. Someone nudges me in the back. I turn around and it's a little old Japanese lady trying to enter the airport. I began to move forward. I see the sign for JAL and the line looks extremely long. It seemed like an eternity of wait, I finally made it to the counter to check my luggage. The young lady at the counter was very pleasant. I thought to myself that I would have been a nervous wreck if I were on the other side of the counter. After checking my luggage and receiving my boarding pass I look for a restaurant to get a quick bite to eat.

The airport is teeming with life. It seems as though a million people are walking through this airport. I glance around for a familiar face. Call me prejudice but what I was really looking for was a fellow American. This was only my third time being in this airport and my first time catching a plane here. Walking through this airport is like a running back trying to make his way up field without any blockers. I glance down at my boarding pass to determine my gate number. My gate is 39 and that is up on the third level. I hear a rumbling sound and I know I have to get something to eat because my stomach is being heard.

My time spent here has taught me how to appreciate the Japanese cuisine. My flight will be a total of 15 hours with a layover in LA. I have truly missed a good old-fashioned American hamburger but I have thoroughly enjoyed the Japanese cuisine. My Japanese is not as good as it should have been but I know a Japanese restaurant when I see one. I walk in and have a seat at one of the vacant tables. A waitress approaches. "Sir are you ready to order," she says in broken English. "You speak English very well," I say. "Yes I attend the university here and I'm going to be an English teacher," she says. We talk for another five minutes before she takes my order.

"Excuse me I'm sorry, I should have asked you if you take American money," I said. "Yes sir we take dollars or yen," she said smiling. I would have felt so stupid if they didn't because I had used my last yen for the taxi and I figured that I wouldn't need any yen in the states. I ordered some sushi and sake because it was going to be a long plane ride and I wanted to go to sleep as soon as the plane took off. She returned with my order and my bill was 20 dollars. The price of food here used to amaze but over the past seven months I had adjusted and it no longer phased me. The sushi was delicious but the sake was even better. Before I knew it I had completed my meal and the sake was all gone. It took a lot of sake to affect me but this must have been the good stuff because I was feeling kind of mellow.

I thanked the waitress and I picked up my briefcase and started heading towards my gate of departure. Just my luck gate 39 was at the far end of the terminal. "Damn by the time I get there the sake will have worn off," I thought. I'm feeling quite good about myself at the moment but I see something that reminds me of why I'm returning to the states. "Why now? I really can't deal with this now," I thought. I shake it off and give myself a pep talk and I finally arrive at terminal 39. Passing through the security scanner I remember a few months ago I was waiting on the other side waiting for someone to clear through customs. I look around for a seat where I can sit down and wait on the boarding call. I find a seat near the windows overlooking the airport and neighboring city.

I pull out the latest edition of Sports Illustrated and I began scanning the pages for a good sports article to free my mind. Sports or reading about sports was always my escape route when I was younger but as you get older you use other routes to escape. Glancing over story after story and not one single story grabs my attention. "This is going to be a long flight." I think. No matter how I try my mind wants to take me to a day I'm trying like hell to forget.

You see the past three months have been very difficult for me. I am in the U.S. Air Force and I currently reside in Okinawa since last year. Before I left the states, I met the woman of my dreams. I knew that this was a two-year tour and I should not have become involved with anyone. I have heard the stories of military men being married for 10 years and being stationed away from their families. Either they find someone else or their wife finds someone else.

Even the stories of some poor guy receiving a Dear John letter, is more common place here that it was during my college days. Distance from love ones in the military is like a double edge sword. You hear the stories about as long as the other person does not know it does not hurt them. I guess this could apply to just about anyone, however in the military it seems to be more commonplace. I have always treated those ideas or belief as assumptions and not facts. However, for some strange reason this relationship felt right. Call me cocky, arrogant, or stupid but I did believe this with all my heart. I believed that our love was destined and nothing or no one could prevent us from being together. But you know its been said that just because it feels right doesn't make it right.

I began to think about my return trip to the states. I've told others that I want to go back to see my family and friends but I know deep down inside there is another reason. That reason is Chantell Jordan. Try as I might I can't seem to shake her from my mind. I hear an announcement on the PA system. "JAL Flight 853 will be delayed. The new departure time is 3:00 p.m." "Damn! It is only 11:30 a.m. What am I going to do for the next three hours?" My luck hasn't changed. I look out across the flight line and my mind begins to wonder.


I had returned to Miami to attend a wedding for my fraternity brother, Edwin Johnson. Now Edwin was worst than me in college and I just had to be there to see what type of woman he was going to marry. Janet Cunningham was a lovely woman and independent as hell. She was just the type of woman that Edwin needed to keep him straight. Fate dictated that she would also be the best friend of Chantell. Chantell was the maid of honor and I was the best man. I have always felt that Edwin chose me as his best man to see what would happen between Chantell and I. His practical jokes were legendary and besides I was one up on him.

My last great joke on him was in a public restroom in the dorm. We were having a cookout at the dorms for the incoming freshmen. All afternoon he had been acting like a jerk. No more than usual but today he for some reason or another was and I had to get even with him. I waited like a spider waiting for something to fall into its web. The opportunity that I was presented was too good to pass up. I watched him taking on victim after victim. His style was to get everyone laughing at you. It was all in fun and nothing degrading but it did irk you.

I was standing over the grill, cooking hamburger and hotdogs. I removed the last of the hamburgers and hotdogs from the grill. It was getting late in the evening and everyone had eaten. The few burgers and dogs that I was removing were basically take home food. Just as I was placing the pan on the table, he popped a bag behind me. I wasn't scared but the loud pop startled me. As a result the pan I was carrying almost fell out of my hands. I placed the pan on the table and turned around and he was in tears and everybody else was laughing. I was mad as hell but I couldn't show it. "You got me," I said. "You should have seen your face. And that sound you made, you sounded like a stuck pig," he said. Of course this led to more laughter from everyone present.

I bided my time because I knew he had been drinking. He would have to go to the bathroom. My plan was simple I would wait outside the bathroom door and scare the hell out of him when he exited. I couldn't wait to see his face once my plan succeeded. The only thing left to do was wait and set this plan in motion. It took longer than anticipated but eventually, I saw him headed towards the building. I sat the beer I was drinking on the table and followed him. I could tell he was drunk because he was staggering as he was walking. I stayed just out of sight because I didn't want him to be aware I was near.

I watched as he entered the building and as soon as I saw the door closing, I ran to the door. I was able to see him through the window of the door. I was right, he was going into the bathroom. Once he walked into the bathroom, I entered the building. I knew that if anyone saw me they would have thought I was a stalker. I could have cared less at this time what someone would have thought. I entered the building and stood outside the bathroom door listening for the urinal to flush. After several minutes of not hearing the urinal flushing, I decided to enter the bathroom.

The bathroom was actually a community bathroom and shower. This was probably the last old dorm on campus. I entered very cautiously to not arouse his suspicion. He was nowhere in sight. This was too good to be true. "He had to be in the stall," I thought. I was able to see under the stall doors. He was in a stall sitting on the toilet. I knew by the type of shoes it was definitely Edwin. Another great idea came to my mind; I just needed something to put the water in. I saw a small trashcan that was just what I needed. I picked it up and went into the shower to fill it up.

One of the things that would occur in this type of shower was that if you flushed the toilet the water would become hot. It would never be hot enough to scald you but you would definitely move out of the path of the water. As soon as Edwin heard the shower running he flushed the toilet. "I hope he is trying to be funny and not finished," I thought. I wanted the water to be cold as possible so I waited until the water was cold again before I began to fill the trashcan. It only took a couple of minutes before there was enough water in it. I left the water running to give me a small diversion to complete my practical joke.

I moved as quietly as possible being careful not to spill the water and alert Edwin that something was afoot. He was in the last of five stalls. "Trying to be discreet will actually be your downfall Edwin," I thought with a devilish smile. I was able to open the stall next to Edwin and hold the trashcan being very careful not to make a sound. Gently opening and closing the stall door and making sure that he would be unaware that someone was in the next stall. I carefully stood on the toilet seat and positioned myself so that I could see over into the stall where Edwin was sitting.

"This is going to be so funny," I couldn't help but gloat. He was reading a magazine so I knew I had a couple of minutes. I position the trashcan so that I could complete my mission. "Hey Edwin whatcha doing." Edwin looked up with a startled look and I let the cold water fall down upon him. This was definitely a Kodak moment and he was totally helpless. "You son of a bitch," he screamed. He instinctively jumped up which cause me to burst into laughter. I think the cold water sent him into instant shock. The only thing he could do was look up at me and shake his head in disbelief. I paused for a moment to admire my work and then I ran out of the building. I went back to where everyone was enjoying the cookout. I was laughing so hard that I was actually in pain.

Everyone knew I had done something and they started inquiring what I was laughing about. After a few seconds I began to explain what I had done and they too joined into my laughter. Edwin was furious when he got back. "Horace I would never have done anything like that to you," he said. Everybody was laughing and you couldn't help it. He was drenched from head to toe. He was shaking like a wet rat. Everyone who had a camera started taking pictures. All he could do was look at me and say, "Good one but you know I will get you back. If it takes the rest of my life I will get you back," he said as he started laughing. Edwin was definitely a person who could dish out a joke but he always appreciated a good joke played on him.


Chantell Jordan and I have known each other for years. We actually had our first date when I was a freshman in college. The only reason that I think that I went on a date with her was because I thought she was fine. I was deep into physical attraction and I did not want to get to know a woman's mind. I wanted to know what she was like in bed. Juvenile thinking, I know but at that particular stage of my life, I viewed women as an object of sexual satisfaction. I had no interest in dating a woman for intellectual stimulation. I was a reckless kind of guy and she was a very serious and studious person at that time.

We could not see eye to eye at that time and as a result, our first date was a disaster. From the moment that I picked her up until the time that I dropped her off, we were at each other's throat. We could not agree on anything. We were like little kids who dislike each other. As the story, goes and much later in our lifetime we were able to look back at that time in our life and laugh about it. Since that time she had gone through a divorce, I had lost a woman that I loved to a car accident and as the story goes fate brought us back together. Maturity and time can do wonders to change a person and make them complete. Now we were starting a new relationship and picking up the pieces of our lives.

Ironically, we actually were quite cordial; as a result, we were able to talk and had the opportunity to get to know each other. The weekend we spent together was actually a dream come true and after the wedding, we agreed to stay in touch. I was currently living, at an Air Force Base in northern Maine, and upon my return, I kept my word by staying in touch with her.

We have stayed in touch by email, telephone, letters, and greeting cards, you name it and we used it as a form of communication. It was as though I was in love for the first time in my life. A love so pure that even though she was not there she was with me constantly. There is no way I could put into words to describe how this woman made me feel. Every card, letter, or telephone call was greeted with indescribable anticipation. For the first time in my life, I have been totally unselfish. I am one of those people who can do with or without you. Too often I have walked away from problems and or situations that I did not want to deal with especially interpersonal relationships. Some might say that I have too many hang ups, too prideful or just plain stubborn as a mule. I always say that the only person who truly loves you is you. I guess you can say that I am the lone gunfighter once the job is complete. I will ride off into the sunset alone, of course.

Shortly upon my return to Maine, I received reassignment orders for Okinawa Japan. I thought to myself that Maine was at the other end of Interstate 95 and now they are going to send me halfway around the world. My luck could not have been any worse than I felt at that moment knowing full well that I could possible lose Chantell for the second and final time of my life. I truly wanted to get to know Chantell. Not necessarily as a future wife but actually getting to know her with no strings attached. I knew I would have to talk to her and let her know what my future was going to be. I only have two years left before I'm eligible to retire and I couldn't see myself throwing away 18 years of my life. I had no way of knowing how she will take the news but what choice do I really have.

I did as much research as I could possibly do to see if there was a way of getting out of this reassignment but to no avail. I was selected as the most eligible non-volunteer and I had to go or apply for a miscellaneous discharge and lose all benefits. I called Chantell to let her know and the only thing she truly wanted to know was if I would be able to spend some time with her before I left. That was not a problem because I had 60 days before I had to be in Japan and I had more than 50 days of leave to use. We agreed that I would come visit her for a week or two prior to my having to be in Japan. Chantell wanted me to stay with her during the time I was there but I refused. I guess I've always had a problem with that shacking theory but I thanked her and said I would stay at a fraternity brother's time-share condo. I had not spoken to him yet but he normally never used the place and I would arrange everything with him.

My fraternity brother Eugene was a trip and once I told him that I would need his time-share for a couple of weeks he assumes that it would be for a wild week of partying. Immediately he started saying that he would be more than happy to come down from Orlando to party with me. When I told him it was so I could spend some time with Chantell Jordan, he dropped the phone. "I remember your first date with her and you said a lot of fouls things about that girl," he said. "I know that was before I got a chance to get to know her," I said. "I just hope you know what you are doing. You two together are like mixing salt with sugar. Boy I would not be in your shoes for all the money in the world," he said. "Believe me I thought the same thing but she is a lot different than our college days," I said. He said he would make the arrangements for the condo and if there were a problem, he would let me know.

Everything was going smoothly and before long, it was time to depart Maine and start my journey to Japan. I said goodbye to the few friends that I had at the base and I had no reluctance about leaving. Though I enjoyed my time here, I hated the winters here. I was from Florida and this was the first time in my life that I had seen a blizzard. That's when I knew I was glad I was born in Florida. My flight to Florida was somewhat long because I had a couple of layovers and I barely made one of my connecting flights. When I arrived at Miami International Airport, I was exhausted. I had a rental car reservation so I picked the rental car up and headed for the condominium. I figured I would get me a couple of hours sleep before I called Chantell. A couple of hours turned into a full night's sleep. I called her the next day to let her know I was in town and we agreed to have dinner later that evening. I was finally home in south Florida the place were I was born and raised. That day I went to the beach for some fun and relaxation until I had to return to the condo. I called Chantell and I went to pick her up at 6:30 p.m. for a dinner and whatever.

She is now a junior CEO of a resource consulting firm and I am, of course, an enlisted member in the U.S. Air Force. Our first date started out just as disastrous as our first date in college. Only difference was this time she was the stubborn one. I guess because she was a successful African American female and she had an ex-husband who took her to the bank. For the first hour of our date all we talked about was how much money she made and what she was trying to accomplish in her firm. I finally told her that I was proud of her and that I knew that she would be successful in whatever endeavors that she chose. Her remark to me was "Horace, you had no idea who I was. All you ever wanted from me was to have sex. So how in the hell could you know what I would do?" "Chantell, you are correct when you made the statement that all I wanted from you was sex. However, if I had not accidentally got to know you I would have. There is nothing that I would not do to go to bed with a woman, during that time in my life when we had our first date. Meaning you reminded me of a time in my life when I was filled with innocence and when I believed in people." I said. "So you did actually like me?" she said. "I wont say that but I will say that I let you get away that night", I smugly replied. "You are still as arrogant as hell. I always thought that was one of your strongest qualities," she said smiling. From that moment on, everything was pleasant we talked about our past and we actually began to laugh with each other.

As the night went along, I told her that I was not pumping her ego or anything but, I really thought she was special. "So you are still trying those tired old Mack daddy lines, huh" she said while laughing hysterically. "Now you know no woman can resist the Mack daddy lines that I deliver." I said with a sly look upon my face. "Horace", she said with a serious tone, "Why were you so callous in college. Did you hate yourself that much or did you just not care? Everybody knew how intelligent you are. Everybody liked you as a person. Something happened to you, to change you. When you finally walked away from school and went into the military, not one single person who knew you understood." "Chantell to be honest with you and myself, I lost a part of me during my college experience. So many people said that they understood me but only a few truly knew me. I'm getting beside myself, my past is just that my past. So is this date better than our first date," I said changing the subject. She nodded and said "You still carry the pain and hurt around in you like it is a badge of honor. Please let it go because it will eventually destroy you," she said. I shrugged my shoulders; "Can we talk about you and enough about me. I am at peace now and I have no regrets about my past". She reluctantly agrees to change the subject.

The years have been good to Chantell she seems more mellow and down to earth now. She even has a sense of humor now. For the past few weeks, we have just been doing things to try to get to know each other better. I can truly say that she has put me at ease and my wall of keeping any one from seeing the true me begins to fade. I am beginning to think how did I let this woman get away from me. Was I really that hateful that I could see that not only was she fine but she was a cool person to be around. To me she seems to be a combination of Tomika, Karen, Mother Zora, Aunt Sally, Ericka, and all the other positive women that have been in my life. My personal life has had its share of difficulties, but now I am thinking about letting someone else into my life. I know I will have to leave for my reassignment to Okinawa Japan and this will be two years before I retire from the military. I could not even think about a long distance relationship and being halfway around the world is a whole lot of distance.

On the night before I am leaving on my reassignment, Chantell invites me to her place for dinner. I arrive at her place at 6:30 p.m., with a bottle of Dom Perignon. Though we have made love on several occasions since our reunion, I sense that this night will be special. As I ring the doorbell, I smile to myself and think how lucky can a guy be. She answers the door after the second ring. Tonight she seems more radiant than ever. I enter the foyer and close the door behind me. She rushed into the kitchen to check on the Cornish hens. I walk into the kitchen and offer my assistance. She refuses and tells me to have a seat in living room and dinner will be ready shortly. I walk into the living room and I notice she has the same smooth jazz CD that I had in college. Instantly memories return to my mind that were long forgotten. I remember the person that I was at the time that I had that CD and the things I did. To say that I regretted my actions then I would be lying but I did feel remorse. I find it so amazing how a person can change if they are given the opportunity to grow. I am a living example that youth is wasted on the young.

Chantell walks up behind me and offers a penny for my thought. I state that the CD just invoked some of my past memories. "I hope that its not another woman", she said with a catlike hiss. "No just remembering a time when I was young", I said matter-of-factly. "Anyway, let's forget that and enjoy the few hours we have left." "Dinner is ready and waiting, my lord", she said in a playful tone. As I turn to walk to the dining room, she hugs me and gives me a kiss. "I was to busy when you arrived but do not think for a minute I would neglect you", she said. I hug and kiss her back. We released each other and went into the dining room. I had forgotten where I placed the Dom Perignon but luckily Chantell had found it on the kitchen counter and placed it in ice. I reached for the Dom and she informed me that it was for later. She lit the candles on the table and told me to turn off the light by the switch behind me. She had already planned the evening for us. I was game and ready to try because all of our previous tryst were a fifty-fifty split. We both agreed on what we wanted to do that day or night.

She had filled the wineglass with Merlot wine and this went perfectly with the meals. We did a lot of small talk and nothing on a serious tip. The Cornish hens were so tender that the meat fell from the bones. When you put a piece in your mouth, it seemed as though it melted. I took a small taste of my wine and it just seems to be sweeter than sweet. The entire meal was just as tasty and you could tell she had put a lot of effort into this meal. We had apple pie a la monde for dessert. After we had finished eating I offered to help with the dishes but she again refused and placed them in the dishwasher. She blew out the candles and she told me to stay where I was. In the dark, I could sense her approaching me. Once she was close enough to me she took me by the hand and led me into the living room.

Once in the living room, she told me to have a seat and get comfortable and she would be right back. My eyes were beginning to adjust to the darkness, and I could make out the outline to the sofa and I sat down. I could hear that Miles Jaye's "I've Been A Fool For You" song in the background and I knew what would occur next. Anytime I was in a romantic setting and that song was playing, I knew what would occur next. I could hear Chantell approaching; but she went into the kitchen. I could hear the sound of squeaking wheels as she brought her portable bar into the living room. She had already open the bottle of Dom and had two champagne glass filled. I was curious to see what she was wearing but I could not see her clearly where she was standing. She finally sat on the couch next to me and handed me a glass of Dom. She spilled a little on my hand and she used her tongue to wipe it up. She offered a toast to love and the future and we drink e very sip in the glasses. We sat he glasses down on the coffee table and sat back on the couch. I started talking about what the past few weeks had meant to me and as soon as I said, "It would be harů". I was unable to finish my sentence because she had stuck her tongue into my mouth and was French kissing me. Without even thinking, I began to wrap my tongue around her tongue. I could feel her adjusting on the coach so that her legs would be on the outer part of my legs.

Once she was comfortable, she proceeded to unbutton my shirt without disturbing our kiss. With my shirt open she began to rub my chest and proceeded to take my shirt off. Luckily, I was not wearing a long sleeved shirt with cuffs because she might have broken my wrist. Now that my shirt was off, she slowly drew back from me. "Horace, these last few weeks have been wonderful and I think, no, I have fallen in love with you" she said while holding back her tears. "Oh damn, tears in the beginning of a relationship means that I will be the one crying at the end", I thought. I remained silent. "Horace, did you hear what I said? I love you", she said. "Chantell, I do not know if I am ready for love" I instinctively said. "All this time that we have been spending together meant nothing to you? Have you really changed or are you up to your old tricks", she said. "Chantell, I assure you these few weeks have been wonderful and my intentions have been nothing less than honorable," I said with all the sincerity I could muster. "Then why? What is wrong with me", she said. "There is nothing wrong with you, its me who has the problem," I said.

I began to tell her my story about me and relationships and that I was not willing to put my heart on the line. If I was unable or unwilling to put my heart on the line, I was not going to start a relationship with any woman. She thanked me for my honesty but said that it did not stop her from feeling the way that she did. I began to explain to her that I would be out of the country for two years and that with 30 days of leaves a year I would be gone at a minimum of six months intervals. Amazingly, she was willing to try as long as I was willing to try. I have always been a sucker for a sincere woman.

Eventually after a couple of hours, I said I would be willing to try it. However, I added a stipulation that we had to agree that if one of us no longer thought it would work, we would tell the other person. We sealed our pact by finishing off the bottle of Dom, went to her bedroom and made love. I awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon and fresh French roasted coffee. I picked up her robe, put it on and went into the kitchen. Chantell had breakfast ready when I entered the kitchen. She told me to have a seat and the toast would be ready any second. She was trying to give me breakfast in bed but since I was already in the kitchen, we could eat in the kitchen.

It was 7:00 am and I knew I had to be on the way to the airport for a 9:00 am flight. She was well aware of my departure time and flight info. Her plan was to leave her house at 8:15 am since she was only 15 minutes from the airport. We sat at the kitchen table just laughing and talking until it was time to take a shower and get dressed. I had dropped my bags and got my boarding pass at the airport prior to my coming to Chantell's house. The only thing I would have to do was drop the rental car off. I had not planned on Chantell going to the airport with me but she wanted to see me off. She followed me to the airport and took me from the rental car drop off point to the main terminal.

As we parked the car in the parking lot across from the main terminal. Chantell looked at me and said, "Horace, if you think that I am not the one for you, please tell me now. When I said that I loved you last night, I meant every word of it." "Chantell, I can not predict the future but if it took this long for us to finally get together, I am willing to give it a try", I said. "I do not know when I can come see you but as soon as I can I will be there", she said. "That would be great but if not you can set your watch and I will be back in six months", I said cheerfully. We got out of the car and proceeded through the terminal to my gate.

Unfortunately, we had not given ourselves enough time because they were announcing the last boarding call for my flight. I hugged Chantell and kissed her as if it was the last time and I reluctantly ran towards the closing door for my flight. I did not even have a chance to look back to see if she was still there. I boarded the plane and found my seat. I could see the terminal from my seat and Chantell was still there looking at the plane through the window.

Conversations: Chapter One by Tony P

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