by Tony P.

I was wondering if I should ask the question
The question about where do we go
Is this a love affair or are we just kicking it
Am I too serious or should I even care

Contemplating a relationship is hard for me
I want to be free but I want someone in my life
I don't want to play games or hurt or be hurt
I may sound confuse but believe me I'm not

I'm just chilling and contemplating
Chilling to enjoy myself
Contemplating whether I want to chill alone
My goals are set and my future is planned

Contemplating causes me to pause
Selfishness is not really me
So I contemplate is this really what I want
Too much planning and not enough time for others

So I'll ask these questions of you
Do you see me in your world
Would you want to be a part of my world
Though serious in nature but I think I should ask

Too many times I've shut others out
Protecting myself from pain and fear
Pain of rejection and being betrayed
Fear of losing the love of my life

Contemplating the sincerity that I have in my heart
Or maybe I'm lonely and don't truly know it
Contemplating whether you are the one
The rib that I'm missing when I fell asleep

Contemplating by Tony P.

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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