The Cocoon

by Tony P.

Here I lay looking back in time reviewing my life regrets I have many
Never understanding nor taking the time to explore my possibilities
Now I know what I must do to create something new to take away the pain
Pain of the past of which I wish to leave far behind to never remember nor contemplate

The pain I keep locked within though others may claim that they have seen my pain
They know not my pain but they assume that they know why I feel like I do
But the truth of the matter is that it is much more than they could ever imagine
Based on their past through trials and tribulation advice they give is flawed at best

A reason, a season, a lifetime they say but that's just an excuse or at least an explanation
Never wanting to admit that they made a mistake and gullibility was their guide
If they can give it another name other than calling it a mistake it eases their mind
But lo and behold a mistake not corrected will soon be repeated again and again

I now take the time to correct my mistake and amend my flaws logic I now seek
Machine I am not cause human I am and thus I am responsible for all my actions
No situation that I encounter can change what I am nor cause me to be less than I am
I'm a child of the universe and God is my lord and my word is my gold that's who I am

The outer rim of my cocoon is made of twigs, straw, clay, and a few of my tears
Twigs, straw, and clay represents my trials and tribulation that I've let clutter my mind
My tears are self evident because for every failure and pain I've endure I've shed a tear
I needed all four to make my rim strong to protect me until I could heal from deep within

My inner lining is composed of the finest silk and the softest wool to encase me
The silk is made of my most simplest of  pleasures and thoughts that I have
The wool is the love of my family and friends but more especially what I feel for myself
Keeping me warm and making me smile when I lose my way and doubt who I am

My cocoon is my home now and the place of my rebirth 'til my awakening comes
Nurturing me and restoring my strength and keeping me safe from the ills of this world
I lay down as a man in his coffin not for final sleep but giving me life and a new will
Like a baby in the womb I am now resting in a fetal position with thumb in my mouth

No longer tossing and turning and going against the flow just getting stronger
Biding my time by listening to my heart and now understanding the rhythm of my heart
The rhythm was out of sync and I was easily led down the wrong road but now I can hear
The sound it makes of an unconditional love and how great love feels to one such as I

No metamorphic phase am I going through just that now I'm remembering what love is
I'll not emerge from the cocoon that I'm in until I know that love begins with me
Nothing in this world nor fairy tale story can explain what I mean but listen to your heart
And then you'll know when I'll emerge from the cocoon that I'm in

The Cocoon by Tony P.

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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