Chains Unbound

by Tony P.

I awaken from my deep sleep my head throbbing and my body aching
I feel as though I've been tossed like a piece of driftwood into rocks of granite
Repeatedly being slammed against these rocks until every muscle has been damaged
I open my eyes but even they hurt from the agonizing pain and cold that I feel

As I open my eyes and my vision slowly comes into focus
I try to move my right hand to feel my head to see if its bleeding
But to my shock and amazement I now feel that it is bound and can't be moved
My vision is still blurred but I slowly turn my head to evaluate my predicament

Through my eyes I now see that my right arm is bound by chains no less
My left arm and legs are the same I am spread eagle and in a vulnerable state
Though I am bound I am suspended in space and I can't see where the chains end
Except on my wrist and ankles bounded one end I see but the other I do not

I look around because my vision is clear but my mind wont accept questions I now ask
How could I be trapped like this, what has happen to me but more importantly why
I raise my head to look above the sun is bright and it hurts my eyes
I turn away and then I see down and all I can see is utter darkness an abyss below

I cry out pleading for help but all that I hear is my echo back
Is anyone there? Is anyone there? Is anyone there? I answer back
Echoes resonating from this cavernous place mocking me with my own voice
My voice I have used many times before for reasoning and faith when no one was near

In the distances I hear voices that are not my own but I sense that they too are trapped
Their echoes I hear and I know not why but they give me strength to concentrate on me
As I concentrate on me my inner strength starts flowing through the veins of me 
Like Samson I grow stronger cause I despise misery and refuse to be its company

The chains began to tighten as I draw my hands together and the right chain breaks
With one arm free I'm now able to make an attempt to break all my chains
I break the chains that are around my ankles leaving the chain on my left as the only one 
Dangling in space with my only support being the chain surrounding my left wrist

I slowly climb up with the strength I have left cause the abyss at the bottom I dread to fall
As I climb up my strength is renewed cause the sun gives me warmth from the cold I felt
I approach the end of the chain which is secured by a thread which is woven of silk
How could something so thin have supported this chain let alone me

I'm now at the end of my chain and I now reach out for the edge of the cliff
For one reason or other I was placed in this place to pass a test
A test of endurance to see if I would rise upward or sink down below
Finally I am free and the chains are unbound now look out world cause I am now back

Chains Unbound by Tony P.

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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