Willie Mae From Alabama

by Tonya

(This poem is recited with a Southern accent)

Ain't trying to be no baby mama,
I don't want no baby daddy
Instead i'm looking for a man,
That thinks i'm good enough to marry
I'm Willie Mae from Alabama.

So let me tell you about this man,
That tried to talk to me
He had the biggest lips in the world, 
And he was so ugly
He drug his foot when he walked,
Had long, dark fingernails
His voice squeaked when he talked,
And had the nerve to be named Denzel
Everytime he went to smile,
I thought that he was crying
He looked so hard up that when he was sad,
It seemed as if he was dying
He had a tattoo on his neck,
Looked like it was supposed to be a cross
He was missing a part of his ear,
Looked like Mike Tyson had bit it off
He just kept on talking to me,
I kept thinking what is this funky scent
I felt like I would fall out,
Plus, he had a speech impedimet
Just kept on whispering in my ear,
Telling me that I was sweeter than fruit
I couldn't really see him because he was so dark,
But I noticed his chipped, gold tooth
He told me that we were mean to be,
He said someday he would marry me
Well let me tell you something Child....,
He's the Best thing that ever happened to me!

Willie Mae From Alabama by Tonya

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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