Talk Now (Fight Against Racism)

by Tonya

I'd rather you open your eyes
Keep your mouth shut
One more offensive comment from you 
And this conversation will be out of luck
"Talk Now," 
You always judge me because of the color of my skin,
I've tried for so long to keep to myself, to hold it all within, 
But "Talk Now,"
I will never let you take away the sacrifices that my ancestors made,
It was the caring and loving Harriet Tubman, 
that brought hope to the black slave
"Talk Now,"
Dr. Martin Luther King, laid his head down and had a dream,
That his people would have the right to go anywhere and do anything
"Talk Now,"
Just sit back and listen, for once i'll talk you be the receiver,
How can you have so much hatred in your heart 
then turn around and say that you love Jesus?
"Talk Now,"
I Am Your Sister, despite being a few shades darker
And the way your mind perceives me proves that I am even sharper,
I am a young black woman, rather you call me dirt or dust
I will prevail over all negativity, for in Christ Jesus, I put all my trust
"Talk Now,"
I'll let you respond now, you can judge me if you may,
Time has passed and we both know that there is nothing left to say
Racism, i've destroyed it
Hatred, i've diminished it,
Peace, i'll surely enjoy it,
No, I didn't start this, but i've finished it
I have you on "hush mode" now and I know that i'll make history
All the things that were said and done,
I proclaim "Victory"
So how will this all change
I ask you when and how, 
But I tell you one thing, it has to end
For I will never, ever bow down,
So "Talk Now!"

Talk Now (Fight Against Racism) by Tonya

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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