That Thang

by Tobi

Shinning like a full moon on a clear night
Your neon beauty blinds me
overcomes me with such satisfaction
addicted to it
so strong it weakens me
there is no rehab for a brother
I can't kick this monkey
Let it ride, Let it ride
until I land on your beautiful shore
wanting more
of that thang
I put your fineness into perspective
analyze it
breaking it down
like a complex chemical compound
inhaling the result
that smells of your honey dew
waiting to touch
and never telling
thinking of a way to soar
into your arms
wanting more
of that thang
Gladly accepting
'cause this is no root, curse, or potion
Love has captured my every emotion
held it hostage with a ransom to high to pay
I've accepted the circumstances of this fray
can't help but give in
'cause knowing has opened the door
wanting more
and more
of that thang
So, forever and a day
I'll carry's loves torch
taking it event by event
conquering trials and defeating tribulations
being that the love bug's bite has taken
a chunk of my heart
until death or demise
I will stay
'cause what we have is stronger than the grave
knowing without a doubt
definitely that
I love you
and that thang
Now dont take this wrong
this isn't just 'bout
the erotic
Your heart is what I crave
it gives me substance
and is more
than any narcotic
Your essences totality
me adore
So, I will hold on to us
requesting more
of that thang

That Thang by Tobi

© Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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