Who Is This Holy Roller?!

by Tobi

Hey Mane! How yadoin?
Where yabeens?
Do you remember me?
I mean we use to kick it back in the day, never close friends.
Booooyyyy, I say you don't look no different since them high school days. LOL
You seem to have something good going on, I can tell by how ya sway.
Mane, you remember those wild things we did? Boy, you was a fool.
Clowning, fighting, getting drunk gettinghigh, 
messing with them gurls when skippin school.
Dude I remember the night you got shot.
But you know how we do, it shol didn't slow you down. 
'Cuz you kept that thang hot!
I heard you joined them folks to get it together, straighten up yo act.
I also heard ya nearly got kicked out foe you drinking, hot headed temper. 
I know I know sommethings you jus don't let slack.
I heard soo many tales about yo self I can go on forever.
But, I gotta keep it moving. 
Got this thing to do Jus seeing you after all these yrs is a pleasure
Before I go I'll tell yasomethinthats recent
I hear youv'e gone done got scarred straigh and dun turned decent
So tell yo folk I said Hi and I'll do the same.
My bad.Ahh snap you don't remember my name.
See I was that dude that kept it real
Yaknowwhatimsayin you knotha deal
I whispered in your ear, tried to tell you to stop wilding
I comforted you and held you those drunken lonely nights while you were crying
I heard your shrieks and felt the burning metal in your belly
I was there in them fights trying to stop you, but it aint do kno good really.
I watched your mistakes in the shadows cheering for you to be better
Sometimes those cheers was in vain 'cuz you thought you was clever
It's all good though 'cuz I see you doing straight
You called me chuurch boy
You called me soft and weak
So, I had to leave you back then that's why we aint speak
But I'm glad we bumped into each other, Oh, my name?
Just take a look in the mirror and hopefully you'll see a brand new flame.

Who Is This Holy Roller?! by Tobi

© Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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