by Tobi

Overcome. Change. Occupy. 
Buzzwords of Movements.
Movements that have seen mountain tops.
Organized inertia that has toppled regimes and broken strongholds of oppression.
Do We, my generation, have that same potential?
Conversations from elders say the torch is not meant to be passed. 
We must gather our timber for ourselves and manufacture our. own fire to 

They say that, even though "They", had a great super hero turning the generator 
for their power plant.
MLK's life gave CPR to the heart of the civil rights folk like a defibrilator, 
and Malcom protected it like a breast plate of armor.  
Them brother's deaths caused:   
Watts and every other city that was on America's unstable power grid, to riot.
Cities torched. 
Burn baby burn.
Yet, no circuit breakers broke. 


Many others have tried to ride that spark. 
Huey P. Newton and the Panthers
Assata Shakur with his robin hood crew
Heck you can include the Revs if you don't mind the perms and baby mama drama. 

However, the power company snuffed it out quick and set the bar high. 
Saying I wish a muthamutha would and not a nannothanotha one tried. 
If they did, they cut they lights off quick. 

Until Obama

He tatted that S on his chest threw on that Cap'n save 'em cape 
and shook up the world.
Folks didn't even care that out of "His" super hero suit was a black man. 
His hawaiian mulatto calm connected some jumper cables to that old stalled out 
battery of We shall overcome, and turned the ignition to Hope.

Jolting a shockwave of energy that conjured over a spirit of can't do into can.

Yes we can
Yes we can

We, my generation, surfed that wave to it's sandy shore until reality hit. 

This pain of reality taught us that teamwork makes the Dream work. 
And we need to do what we gots ta do then we can do what we wants ta do. 
And failure to prepare is preparation to fail. 

So we rolled our sleeves up and put in work. 


But the power plant short circuited out change's beacon of light with politics 
and stagnation. 

Slowing the currents flow.

Now instead of having change we have lint in the pockets of this nation.
Checks straight NSF with bad credit

Broke pockets.
Broken circuits.

No energy. 

So, I ask "We", my generation.  

"We", do we have enough juice to take on this?          

Then I hear the drums. Driving an old beat, but with a new syncopation.

This beat beckoning a warrior spirit. Recruiting all to join to retake the land 
and drive out those oppressing power CEO's, and CFO's. 

These drums leading the march around the walls of Wall st., K st., and any other 
st. that house the initials. BOA, TD, and Chase them away.

Hopefully, the trumpets will blow these fortified structures away giving us our 
futures back.    

So "We", my generation, can live free in the land of milk and honey. 


That promised land of God. Yours and mine.


Alive with ohms.
Lighting our natural man's homes and all that "We",


I am that 99%!

And oh yeah, Einstein got that formula right. 

'Cause Energy does equal Movement times Change Squared.  

E=MC2 by Tobi

© Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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