Woes of The Eldest Son (Follow The Leader)

by Tobi

Follow the leader.
But, who does the leader follow?

Where does his guidance come from?

When you are the leader, are you not a experiment?

A sultry solution that soaks up space in a beaker
Waiting impatiently for it's true properties, 
It's true meaning

To be discovered by some dorky dude in a white jacket

Or, as the leader you tell the ones following 
The romantic things they need to hear to 
Motivate them to do the things they have yet to accompolish

Then why lead?

If it came to such simple life's lessons, 
why shouldn't we all go through the motions

Stand in line
Like waiting for some important thang
You know
Like getting your driving license or something

Take our lumps
I mean fear nothing and withstand all

As our cookie cutter factory options flow off our lips like
Telemarketers selling sweepstakes

I mean 
Are not life 
Lessons the same

Do we all go through the same damn trials and tribulations 
Pitfalls and snare traps filled with savage pitbulls with vice grip bites 
That stick to you like your ABC's or ridding your ten speed
Looking both ways before you cross the street type shit

If we travel through time experiencing the same feeling, 
actions, emotions, and monumental events
Why oh why do I need someone to guide me through it
Or better yet, why do I need to be the guide to do it

Couldn't we just buy a how to book and ride out

Talked to my third in line brother
He's having girl problems

Told him to let that trick go
She aint all that

Talked to the youngest son
He's having girl problems

Told him there is other fish in the sea
one day you'll catch one

Who told me these things?

No one!

I figured them out through life's factory

With no leader at all.

Woes of The Eldest Son (Follow The Leader) by Tobi

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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